If you'd like to find out about how you can make your sewing more sustainable and eco-friendly, here's a list of resources that may interest you. We've included fabric sources as well as organisations working to make fashion a more sustainable industry. If you would like to be added to our resources page, please email us.



Offset Warehouse - stock a wide range of eco fabric including cruelty free silks, cottons and jerseys

Organic Textile Company - great range of organic cotton and jersey

Fair Trade Fabric - Fairtrade certified cotton

Hemp Fabric UK - Range of hemp and natural fabrics

Hellgate Fabrics - US online shop specialising in fabrics that are healthier for people & the environment

Sibenblau - Berlin based online shop selling GOTS certified organic fabrics


Also don't forget to check out charity shops for fabric, curtains or bed linen that can be recycled.


Useful Information

Calculating the carbon footprint of fabric



Fashion Revolution - annual campaign which raises awareness in fashion industry

FairTrade Foundation - Helping third world producers get a better deal

Clean Clothes Campaign - improving working conditions in the garment industry

The Organic Cotton Initiative - Joint Soil Association and GOTS campaign



Charity Shop Chic - fantastic blog making on-trend clothes from charity shop purchases