The Classic Shirt Class


This is a great course! I walked in as an experienced beginner and walked out with the skills and confidence to tackle more complex garments - and a lovely new shirt! Clare is an experienced teacher. She explained the steps well and is friendly, fun, kind and patient. I felt comfortable asking questions as we went along. It was clear how much preparation had been put into the course and particularly how she had picked a shirt pattern that is so wearable, with some really lovely features! Time was taken to ensure the fit was good and appropriate adjustments were made.


There was an emphasis throughout the course on sustainability and how this might affect my sewing choices in the future - from fabric selection, reducing waste/recycling, ethical issues around production and animal welfare. This really has added new dimension to my sewing and empowered me to feel I can make a difference.


I can't recommend this course enough! It was great fun, great value and I have learnt so much!  Sarah, (Bury St Edmunds)


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Beginner's Sewing Class - The Skirt


I really enjoyed this class and as a beginner was pleased to learn everything from how to read the pattern and choose the right size, to how to construct the skirt itself. Clare was really helpful and explained all the steps well, so it was easy to follow. I love the finished product and I'd recommend this class to others who have some sewing experience, but haven't made clothes before, as a great place to start.

Jessica, (Cambridge)

Beginner's Skirt Sewn Sustainably Cambridge

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