I would like to learn how to sew. Do you offer beginner lessons?

We definitely want to help teach beginners and are thinking of fun, creative sewing lessons that incorporate sustainable sewing. We'd love it if you could complete our survey to let us know when you'd prefer our beginner lessons to be held. Please email us at to be added to our mailing list so that we can contact you with our forthcoming lessons for beginners. Or if you would like to learn beginners' sewing, please email us about private lessons - see below.


What sewing machines do students use during a lesson at Sewn?

Students will be using a Janome domestic sewing machine.


Where can I buy fabric for my sewing lesson?

At Sewn we recommend you give careful consideration to the fabric you will purchase for your product. Think about when and where you will wear your garment and choose a fabric that will coordinate best with what is already in your wardrobe. That way, you'll end up wearing it more often than not. If you're shopping online, we recommend the fabric shops on our resources page.


I thought sewing was sustainable. Can you tell me more?

If you sew, then yes, you're doing a good job by deciding to make your own clothes instead of buying cheap, disposable fashion that has unclear supply chains. However, home sewing and fabric is also guilty of causing environmental and social damage - see our page on Why Sustainably? for more details. Fabric may have been produced by people not being paid a fair wage; it may have been dyed using chemicals that pollute rivers while causing skin irritations to the people handling it; the fabric scraps thrown out by home sewing goes straight to landfills. By being more careful with how we sew, reducing our fabric consumption and using sewing to fix, alter and make what we only really need, we are helping a global effort to reduce harmful effects on our planet.


What do you do with all the fabric scraps produced from sewing?

At Sewn, we encourage students to take their scraps away by giving them ideas on how to recycle the scraps into smaller projects. Otherwise, we keep the scraps to donate to organisations that can recycle them, use them for projects (schools) or we list them without profit on eBay for quilters or craft-makers looking for small pieces for collage or quilt making. We aim to discard as little as possible.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes - we provide private 1&1 lessons in Cambridge at our studio Please email us at to discuss your needs.


Your class is full. Is there a waiting list in case of a cancellation?

Yes - we sometimes receive cancellations. Please email us stating which class you would like to attend and we'll add you to the waiting list or email you when a new course date is being added.