Passionate about making clothes.

                        Passionate about the planet.

Sewn Sustainably has been created by an experienced seamstress, Clare Szabo, who is trained in advanced dressmaking, design and pattern-making. Clare has been running her sewing blog, Sew Dixie Lou, for several years and has a great interest in sustainable fashion and the environment.


Using commercial, independent and its own sewing patterns, Sewn Sustainably runs sewing classes for both beginners and intermediate-advanced sewists ranging from small projects for the home to classic shirts and dresses. Over time, Sewn Sustainably will create a collection of classes with garment projects that reflect classic, timeless styles. These garments can then form a great, basic foundation to any wardrobe and students will be advised how they can adapt each pattern to create different looks. Sewn will also be introducing a range of beginner classes to get novices up and running at a sewing machine.


With increasing awareness about the environmental and social effect of global 'fast fashion', Sewn Sustainably has been created to encourage home sewing to also become more sustainable. That includes greater awareness about fabric production, how to minimise waste and how it should be utilised to fix, alter and refashion garments, as well as creating new classic outfits that will have a long life in the wearer's wardrobe.


Sewn's mission is to make sewing fun, yet to guide its students to think about what they actually need in their wardrobe. It also encourages students to consider how each project can be more sustainable, such as using high-quality ethical fabric and learning techniques to ensure the garment is sewn well. The wearer will be able to answer transparently "who made my clothes?" right down to the fabric production; something that is not always considered in home sewing.


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